Isaiah 58 Fasting Prayer Model
I. Confess That We:
Are rebellious and have sinned against God. (Vs. 1)
Know what is right, but we do not always do right initially. (Vs. 2)
Have mistreated individuals. (Vs. 3)
Are sometimes contentious and quarrelsome. (Vs. 4)
Have used spiritual things for selfish pursuits. (Vs. 5)
Have mixed motives in spiritual activities.
II. Ask God To:
Help us fast with a pure heart and Godly motives. (Vs. 6)
Break the chains of wickedness through fasting. (Vs. 6)
Release the oppression, break the yokes that bind. (Vs. 6)
Help us to be generous to the poor and homeless. (Vs. 7)
Help us to be gracious to undesirable relatives. (Vs. 7)
Help us with our devotions and Sabbath recognitions. (Vs. 7)
III. Thank God That He Is:
Releasing His light and healing within and through us. (Vs. 8)
Releasing favor through us and protecting us. (Vs. 8)
Hearing and answering our prayers. (Vs. 9)
Smashing the darkness and turning night to bright noonday (Vs. 10)
Guiding, strengthening, refreshing, and restoring us. (Vs. 11-12)
Restoring joy to our souls. Bringing spiritual, material, and physical favor to our lives. (Vs. 14)