Deuteronomy 28 Prayer Model
I. Lord, I Promise To:
  • Obey Your word and Your voice. (vs.1)
  • Carefully observe my attitude and actions
  • Walk in obedience to what you have said to me in the past.
  • Listen more sensitively to you.
  • Obey your promptings and nudges.
  • Allow you to continually cleanse, restore and heal me.
II. Lord, Thank You For:
  • Blessings which are overwhelmingly and constantly overtaking me. (vs. 2)
  • Blessings invading every area of my life (inwardly & outwardly). (vs. 3)
  • Blessing the labor of my hands and mind. (vs. 4-5)
  • Blessing me with transportation. (vs. 6)
  • Defeating my enemies. (vs. 7)
  • My home. (vs. 8)
  • My income. (vs. 8)
  • Establishing our church, class, school, and group as a holy people. (vs. 9)
  • Opening the eyes of the unrighteous to see the blessings of the righteous. (vs. 10)
  • Blessing me with my essential needs and more. (vs. 11)
  • Blessing me so I may lend to and bless others. ( vs. 12)
  • Blessing my relationships, ministry, and leadership. (vs. 13)
  • Blessing me with an obedient and submissive heart. (vs. 14)