Bridge Family Devotion (December 28, 2014)

One truth I’ve always lived by is this; we don’t know what tomorrow holds but, if we are a child of Father God, we know who holds our tomorrow.

Biblical prophecy combined with today’s headlines remind us we are quickly approaching the end of time as we know it on planet earth. For us as children of God this is an exciting time because we know these two truths: 1. Father God will take care of us until He comes as long as we hear and obey His voice; 2. Eternity is going to be absolutely amazing and we should look forward to it, in fact the Bible says comfort one another with these words that Jesus is coming! Pressure will increase, times will become even more critical but supernatural peace and provision will be ours as we keep our minds on Father God and His Word.

I believe 2015 will be another year of challenges but also a year of great harvest and revival for the remnant church who sincerely desire and seek His Kingdom and His Righteousness (Matt. 6:33). We must pray, fast for our lost loved ones and the lost in our region and around the world like never before. If we will stay concerned about what concerns Father God then Father God will take care of what concerns us. His concern is a lost, sinful and dying humanity. His will is that NONE would perish but have everlasting life but we are His body and we must make reaching the lost a priority. Yes, I believe we will see even more incredible supernatural manifestations of the glory of God where miracles happen before our very eyes but the greatest miracle is the lost coming to Jesus.

Join us as we continue living the three fold cord in 2015, fasting/praying/giving so we can walk in the supernatural. January is our corporate fasting month as we all personally and corporately set aside the first-fruits of 2015 in seeking His Face. Our normal 21 days would begin January 4th and end on January 25th but I feel we need to cover the whole month with fasting so we want EVERY PERSON who is part of The Bridge Family to ask the Holy Spirit about the 21 days you are to give to the Lord in special prayer and fasting. This will allow more people to join us due to their personal working schedules and family times, etc.

Happy New Year and thanks for making 2014 a Success!