The Bridge

Our Dream

To “bridge” the gap between the seeker of truth and the Author of truth. “Bridge” an authentic caring community to a lonely world…by communicating and demonstrating the biblical truth that every human being, regardless or age, race, gender or socio-economic status is passionately loved by God…created in His image and designed to be an intricate, deeply-valued component of His family.  Repair “bridges” of trust, respect, health and hope in hurting and broken the family, in today’s marketplaces, and among friends.  Build “bridges” of trust and partnership across cultural, racial, generational and denominational lines so that the unity and diversity of heaven will be mirrored in this region.  “Bridge” desperate human needs to supernatural resources…effecting lasting life transformation in our community, our nation, and our world through the power of God’s Spirit.


Our Mission

Loving God; Loving People

Our Vision

We desire to minister to the total needs of the modern family in this changing complex society.  Our goal is to reach the lost, train and equip believers, and allow God to use them in ministry to the body of Christ.
Our ambition is to be a church where lives are revived, dreams are restored and destiny is realized and fulfilled.

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