The Bridge

Our Dream

To “bridge” the gap between the seeker of truth and the Author of truth.  Repair “bridges” of trust, respect, health and hope in hurting and broken relationships.  Build “bridges” of trust and partnership across cultural, racial, generational and denominational lines so that the unity and diversity of heaven will be mirrored in this region.  “Bridge” desperate human needs to supernatural resources.


What We Offer

As we delight in God’s blessings of purpose and power here at The Bridge, we are continuing to strive to be a harbor of hope to our community. We are a place of restoration and healing for the broken and the oppressed. With God’s help we are a haven for the lost, and a church for the unchurched.   It is evident that God is doing a wonderful work in this community. We are so privileged to be a part of what God is doing in our area!


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